March 20, 2015

life with a newborn

My best friend gave birth on Monday, and not being able to be there right now is torture. Torture! I email her at 3:40am when I'm up with David, but that just isn't enough. 

Since my head is on baby things and newborns right now, I thought I'd write about it. Here's my own personal road map for the first few weeks. It's what I remind myself every time we have a new baby. 


The first day or two after birth are kind of a honeymoon. The baby sleeps, the baby latches, you're not hurting too much, time has sort of stopped, and your whole tiny little world has been blown apart by this miracle that's just taken place. 

Soak it in. Don't try to figure it out. Just enjoy it. 

About day two or three, you've probably spent the last three nights awake, and you have a sinking feeling you'll be awake all night again. Baby is doing more crying and being hungry than he is sleeping, nursing has become painful in a way you never fully understood before, and it's 4am and the night stretches long...

The night will end. Daylight will come and it will feel so much better. This baby will stop crying. And you will sleep again. 

A week goes by, two weeks go by, and just when you think you cannot figure it out, you cannot do this one more time, you are absolutely going to break, something clears. There's a doctor's visit and you get medicine for reflux. You discover the magic of white noise and swings for baby sleep. Your milk comes in, and you can finally both get some sleep. 

Now it's time to celebrate! 

Some babies take this process in a leap, some drag it out for longer, but it's dependent on the baby, on his unique blend of personality and physical needs, and definitely not you. If it takes you longer to get your crap together, it's not you. And if you find yourself leaving your house freshly showered and makeup'd, and you have a magical first family outing as a family of three, celebrate that, too...because that's not you either :). 

And if you need help, ask for it. If something isn't right, tell someone. Forget sleeping when the baby sleeps; and feel free to just cry when he cries. Every day with your precious little newborn is a marathoning-mountain-climbing-death-defying-life-altering-God-Almighty-miraculous event. You did it, mama. I'm so proud of you. 

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March 13, 2015

Photo Dump 3.15

Somebody I know says she hopes there's always a toddler around. I hope there's always a baby around :).

David is a master roller now. I can't keep him on his quilt! He's started scooting on his tummy, too. Gulp.

I recently discovered the joys of chalk. If the kids color on the walls, the furniture, problem! It dusts right off...

It's great until they start grinding it into powder :).

Oh, this little firecracker. She woke up one morning and decided it was TODDLER TIME. Girlfriend has grabbed hold of her independence in a big way. I'm all about strong women, but LORD HELP ME.

I just love toddler hands, don't you? Always so busy!

And almost-all-grown-up hands, too :).

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March 9, 2015

How I meet with Jesus // 3 resources and 6 strategies I use for spending time with Jesus every day as a work-at-home-mom

It's so HARD to spend time with Jesus right now! Two work-from-home jobs, and three kids at home with me make bible studying, prayer, and worship challenging. Frankly, however, those "challenges" are exactly why I need a daily quiet time.

Here are the strategies and resources I use to spend time with Jesus. Maybe they will help you?

1. During especially busy seasons, I leave my Bible open on the counter. I learned this tip from Hayley after taking her "Moms of Littles" class. It's not enough, but usually reading a verse or two as I rush by acts as a reminder--NOTHING I'm doing is more important than Jesus.

2. She Reads Truth. I cannot recommend this app enough. There's a whole mess of scripture (no need to even pull your bible out; it's right there in the app), then a poignant devotion written (usually) by another mom. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to read meditatively.

3. I have a friend who prays for the same person every time she brushes her teeth. She prays for a different person every time she--don't laugh--goes potty. NOT THAT POTTY TIME IS QUIET TIME IF YOU'RE A MOM. But those things are things we do every day, so why not use them as reminders in our day? (well, usually I brush my teeth everyday...)

4. Sometimes, it just comes down to the math. If you spend 5 minutes, 4 times a day on Facebook, that's 20 minutes you could have spent in the Word. Facebook is great, but 20 minutes in the Word brings LIFE!

5. I love these commentaries. The word "commentary" is so scary, isn't it? But these aren't. I'm reading through Colossians right now (I read Philippians a few years ago). They are pithy, full of practical wisdom, and to the point. AND they include the scripture right inside the commentary, so I don't need to waste time remembering where I left my bible last. There aren't any chapters, really, so I just read for as long as I have--10 minutes while I'm nursing or 30 minutes while someone is napping. Written by a real Jesus-lover who, I have no doubt, is worshiping Christ in heaven right now.

6. I tape a verse on my fridge to memorize, and then I recite it to whatever child I'm putting down for a nap. When I can't remember the verse I "memorized" (which is often), I just default to Psalm 139, or Psalm 23, which I memorized years ago and hasn't left my brain (yet).

7. Do you remember coming back after your honeymoon, and both of you had to leave each other and head off to work for the first time as a married couple? And you couldn't wait to see each other again at the end of the day? I stumbled across this sermon the other day, and came away with a totally different outlook on fasting. I can't fast from food right now (nursing baby and all), but I did fast from social media and the parts of my business that weren't absolutely necessary, and used the previously-busy time to focus on Jesus. At the end of it, I felt a little like my honeymoon was over--and I couldn't wait to spend more time with Jesus!

8. Put on worship music and worship with your kids! They'll look at you like you're a crazy person at first, but even just a five minute song spent doing nothing but singing to Jesus can be HUGE. All it takes is a CD, the internet, or something downloaded onto your phone. My favorites right now: Jesus Culture and Bethel.

There's nothing magic in any of these, but when you begin to weave Jesus into the threads of your ordinary, every day life, things begin to change. I'll add to this list as I discover new tools and tips :).

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